Pia Mia Style

Pia’s key chain is from Fendi check it here.
Happy 18th Birthday Pia Mia a.k.a Bae <3333

18 years ago God send a beautiful angel on Earth. The angel had a very unique name…just like her personality. Her name was Pia Mia Perez. She was created for big things. Born on a small island of Guam, one day she woke up, and plan to be a hero. Packed up her bags, and with her family moved to California to make her dreams come true. In a land full of hidden talents, Princess Pia managed to break through, and show the world what she was made of by the secret name 6peasinapod thanks to her fairy Candis Rae. One cover, and competition at time, people started to recognize her talent and beautiful soul.┬áBecause of her lovable personality, she made a lot of friends in new enviroment. Some of them left her, and let her down, but one group of people sticked with her through all the times. Bad ones, and the good ones. That group of people was called Team Pia Pods. We are not just fans, we are not just family, we are WOLFPACK KINGDOM. You don’t mess with our PRINCESS Pia, or any pia pod, you mess with US. Before judging anybody or anything, get to know them. Pia Mia went through a lot to get to the point she is now, so just stop hating and listen for a minute. Listen to the voice of Pia Pods. Don’t just listen, hear us. One of the things Pia Mia taught us was to be ourselves, and that we are ALL beautifull. It’s okay not to be like others, in fact, in the world full of copies, you have to find your own way and style, to stand out of the crowd, and be unique. People like you are born once in a million years, you are a diamond in a rough. You are an inspiration, a voice to all the people who are not being heard.

Pia Mia, your family wishes you a very happy birthday, have the time of your life. We love you, and will always be there for you until the end…..

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The fact that Pia was watching and supporting Hailey on the Topshop’s show now. And before when Pia was walking at Lolli Swim’s show Hailey supported her and was there for her :3
Pia was invited to watch the Topshop fashion show